About Us

Rural Adventures started as an idea Glen and Mary had about providing a totally different kennel experience for city dogs (and their people). Instead of boarding a dog in a 6 x 10 pen separate from other dogs they conceived of a more open concept where social dogs could interact and play with other dogs. Mary was living here on the farm, a 4 acre piece of property in South Surrey so they went about fencing, fixing, renovating, and making the property as dog friendly and secure as could be. They also made renovations to a horse barn that serves as the sleeping quarters.  As you can imagine Rural Adventures (now The Farm) was a hit and continues to be one of the more popular kennels in the Fraser Valley. More traditional runs are available for dogs who are not friendly with other dogs. We also have a run for dogs that are aggressive towards humans. 
 Since taking over the business over 7 years ago I (Robin Chaloner) continue to provide dogs with a safe, active, social, and stimulating environment. I'm very aware that  some dogs may not be used to being part of a pack and may be a little insecure on arrival. I ensure a very gentle introduction to the 'social scene' and most dogs are in seventh heaven in a matter of 2 days.